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Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

Use this guide to see if your courses satisfy David Eccles School of Business requirements.

The guide below includes courses that Eccles School faculty members have reviewed. It also states if certain equivalencies were approved or denied. If a course is not included in the guide, students can submit a petition for review.

Please note that the Department of Mathematics must evaluate mathematics courses and the Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies must evaluate writing courses. The Transfer Equivalency Guide only includes equivalencies to course offerings within the Eccles School.

Have questions? Contact your academic advisor.

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A student’s Degree Audit may not reflect an approved equivalency automatically. Students should work with their assigned academic advisor to ensure that their audit is updated. All equivalencies are subject to the following policies:

  • In order to apply an approved equivalency, students must meet the minimum grade requirement and satisfy any conditions.
  • Students can satisfy no more than 50% of the Eccles School’s Upper Division Core with transfer coursework.
  • Students can satisfy no more than two of their major’s requirements with transfer coursework. MATH 1100, OIS 3440, and Global Perspectives equivalencies do not count towards this limit of two.
  • Students may petition transfer coursework as equivalent to BCOR 3010-3050: Business Fundamentals only if they have transfer credit for all five (5) components: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operations & Supply Chain. Approvals of equivalency are at the discretion of academic faculty; all five (5) pieces must be approved in order to gain credit for Business Fundamentals. Submitting a petition does not automatically equate to approval of the transfer courses as equivalent to Eccles School courses.
  • The Eccles School does not accept credit from the the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, or Western Governors University.
  • CLEP credit and Challenge Exams may not be used to satisfy Eccles School requirements.
Eccles School Requirement Equivalency
ECON 2010 – Microeconomics Score of 3+ on the AP Microeconomics exam
Score of 5+ on the high-level IB Economics exam
Any course with “Microeconomics” in the title
ECON 3640 – Probability & Statistical Inference for Economists
OIS 2340 – Business Statistics
Score of 3+ on the AP Statistics exam
MATH 1090 – Business Algebra Score of 2+ on the AP Calculus (AB or BC) exam
Score of 5+ on the high-level IB Mathematics exam
Any college algebra course
MATH 1100 – Business Calculus Score of 3+ on the AP Calculus (AB or BC) exam
Score of 5+ on the high-level IB Mathematics exam
Any course titled “Business Calculus” or “Calculus”
MATH 1210 – Calculus I Score of 3+ on the AP Calculus (BC) exam
Score of 4+ on the AP Calculus (AB) exam
Any course titled “Calculus”
MATH 1220 – Calculus II Score of 4+ on the AP Calculus (BC) exam
Any course titled “Calculus II”