Entrepreneurship Certificate

The entrepreneurship certificate is available to non-business school students. The certificate offers an entire range of entrepreneurship skill-building opportunities (including ideation, innovation, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, and entrepreneurial finance) without the prerequisites required for admission to the David Eccles School of Business.

The curriculum does not include pre-business courses. Rather, it requires six courses, two of which are offered by a student’s home college and tailored to their particular areas of study. Only three classes of the required six are upper division.

The certificate is a cost- and time-effective way for students to get the skills that they need to start up their own companies or work for a startup. Certificate students also have opportunities to work with the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute, just as entrepreneurship majors and minors do.

The curriculum for the entrepreneurship certificate consists of six classes. They include:

  • ENTP 1010
  • ENTP 1020
  • ENTP 2010 (Entrepreneurial Marketing) or ENTP 2020 (Entrepreneurial Finance) or ENTP 2030 (Social Entrepreneurship)
  • x 2 upper division classes in a student’s home department
  • Capstone Course: ENTP 5770: Venture Discovery

NOTE: This curriculum change will apply to certificate applicants after Feb. 25 2021. In order to offer students currently enrolled in the certificate maximum flexibility, they may choose to either complete it under the prior curriculum or the new curriculum.

All students will take ENTP 5770: Venture Discovery as their capstone experience.

Students may apply any two upper division courses from their home department to meet the certificate requirement. Below are some examples of courses that have been used previously. If you have any questions about the applicability of courses, please feel free to contact us at UENTP@Eccles.Utah.edu.

Example courses:

  • CHIN 3510 Business Chinese
  • COMM 1500 Introduction to Media Business & Ethics
  • COMM 3670 Principles of Advertising
  • DES 2615 Intro to Design Thinking
  • ECON 4650 Principals of Econometrics
  • ECON 5380 Law & Economics
  • FCS 3500 Financial Skills
  • FRNCH 4510 French Business and Current Issues
  • HIST 4740 The Economic History of the United States
  • HNKLY 3160 Campaign Management
  • JAPAN 3510 Commercial Japanese I
  • JAPAN 3520 Commercial Japanese II
  • LING 3470 Language and Culture
  • LING 3600 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • PHIL 1250 Reasoning & Rational Decision Making
  • PHIL 3310 Science & Society
  • PHIL 3500 Ethics
  • PHIL 3510 Business & Professional Ethics
  • PHIL 3520 Bioethics
  • PHIL 3530 Environmental Ethics
  • PRT 5490 Business of Sport
  • PRT 5495 Business of Government & Nonprofits in Parks Rec, & TTourism
  • PSY 3171 Human Factors
  • PSY 3510 Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • PTGSE 4510 Business Portuguese
  • SOC 3020 Social Psychology
  • SOC 3993 Sociology ENTP Internship
  • WRTG 3016 Business Writing
  • WRTG 4010 Writing across Borders
  • WRTG 4030 Visual Rhetoric: Word/Image/Argument

Yes, you may take any of the required courses in any format that they may be offered, for example, online, hybrid, or “live.”

There are not any prerequisites, although you must start the certificate with ENTP 1010.

No. The certificate is only open to non-business school majors. Business school students interested in obtaining further experiences in entrepreneurship should consider either Lassonde+X or the entrepreneurship minor (which is the same number of credits as the certificate).

For non-business students, your major does not matter. Our goal is to provide an entrepreneurship experience to all students at the University of Utah.

Yes, ENTP 1010 fulfills a Social / Behavioral Science (BF) requirement, and ENTP 1020 fulfills an Applied Science (AS) requirement.

You can apply for the certificate here.