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Operations & Supply Chain

Interested in a career that can take you across the globe in virtually any industry? Operations management and supply chain jobs are fast-paced and exciting with competitive salaries. The Operations & Supply Chain major at the David Eccles School of Business gives students the world-class training they need to succeed in the business world.

What is Operations & Supply Chain?

Leading companies rely on operations and supply chain professionals to create high quality products and services while minimizing wastes to reduce costs. They are ultimately responsible for running the business efficiently and profitably. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes over 200 companies in numerous countries and on several continents to make a high quality smart phone. Similarly, to treat a patient it often takes a complex network of providers including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, insurance companies, and other entities. These networks are called supply chains. The role of supply chain management is to help optimize the firm’s supplier/customer network to create an outstanding product or service.