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Operations & Supply Chain

Interested in a career that can take you across the globe in virtually any industry? Operations management and supply chain jobs are fast-paced and exciting with competitive salaries. The Operations & Supply Chain major at the David Eccles School of Business gives students the world-class training they need to succeed in the business world.

What is Operations & Supply Chain?

Operations & Supply Chain is a growing career field that offers experiences and opportunities you can’t find anywhere else! Leading companies rely on operations and supply chain professionals to create high-quality products and services while minimizing wastes to reduce costs. They are ultimately responsible for running the business efficiently and profitably.

Basically, Operations & Supply Chain is a driving force behind what makes successful companies who they are.

The Operations & Supply Chain (OSC) major at the David Eccles School of Business provides a world-class education that prepares students for a rewarding career. Through the program, you’ll develop a unique skill set that will help you stand out from your peers in an increasingly competitive job market. Through the OSC program, you can master things like:

The Operations and Supply Chain (OSC) major at the Eccles School can prepare students for a job in virtually any industry, anywhere across the globe, with high paying salaries. See for yourself how you can develop a unique skill set and find a career you’ll love.

Admissions Criteria

  • Admitted to the Eccles School (Upper Division)
  • B or higher in a college algebra course (or a higher level math course)
  • B or higher in OIS 2340
  • 3.2 or higher University of Utah GPA
  • 3.2 or higher business GPA

Students who are conditionally admitted must meet certain grade and GPA requirements to maintain their admission.

Admission to all Eccles School majors is subject to the Eccles School Repeat Policy. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission to the major.

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