Marketing means creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers while generating revenue. With a marketing degree, you’ll help organizations discover unmet customer needs and wants, develop products and services to satisfy those needs, and use advertising, promotions, pricing, distribution, personal selling, and customer relationship management to build strong brands that attract and retain customers. A marketing education from the Marketing Department at the David Eccles School of Business gives you a competitive advantage in one of the largest areas of employment in business today. In addition to our undergraduate major, the Eccles School offers a Professional Selling & Business Development Minor and a Professional Selling & Business Development Emphasis.

Marketing Major Information

Admissions Criteria


  • Admitted to the Eccles School (Upper Division)
  • B- or higher in MKTG 3010 or 3011
  • 3.2 or higher total GPA
Professional Selling & Business Development  Emphasis

  • Admitted to the Eccles School (Upper Division)
  • B- or higher in MKTG 3010 or 3011

Students with total GPAs between 3.00-3.19 will be individually considered and admitted on a case-by-case basis. Students with total GPAs below 3.0 will not be considered for the major

Admission to all Eccles School majors is subject to the Eccles School Repeat Policy. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission to the major.

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2020-21 Sales Emphasis Curriculum
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2019-20 Sales Emphasis Curriculum
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Marketing Minor and Emphasis Information

Professional Selling & Business Development  Minor

Sales is among the top 4 career paths chosen by graduates in engineering, humanities, and the physical and social sciences. About 60% of business graduates start their careers in sales, and that number climbs to 88% for marketing majors. In just 18 credits, this minor provides students with the personal and technical skills to succeed in a sales career. Course subjects include personal selling, sales management, business-to-business marketing, and sales technology, analytics, and operations.

Admission Criteria:

  • 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Declared major (excluding the Marketing major)
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Professional Selling & Business Development Emphasis

More than 50% of college graduates, regardless of their major, start their careers in a sales role. That number climbs to 60% for students graduating with a business degree and jumps to 88% for students graduating with a marketing degree. Whether selling enterprise solutions for a major software company, fundraising for a non-profit, or launching your own business, everybody sells.

The emphasis in Professional Selling & Business Development provides graduates with the technical competencies and business acumen to compete in the rapidly growing market for sales professionals, an area the Utah Department of Workforce Services says is outpacing most other fields of employment. Students are prepared for success in professional (i.e., complex, collaborative, long-cycle) and technical sales roles reflecting the new realities in selling: Customers no longer need a salesperson to learn about a company’s offering, much less to place an order. As a result, sales has become more about helping customers define the problem they are trying to solve and assemble a complete solution.

Sales Emphasis Curriculum
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