Finance students learn how to raise, invest, and manage capital in creative, productive, and responsible ways. They also study how individuals and businesses efficiently allocate financial resources, invest, and raise capital. Finance majors may participate in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including the Emerging Finance Professionals (EFP) program, Finance Career Conference, Student Investment Fund, Finance Club, UVF II, and Week on Wall Street. Students also have the option to pursue an honors degree in finance, the first departmental honors degree offered at the Eccles School. Ranking among the top 30 universities in the world in research, the Department of Finance is home to world-class faculty and programs, preparing students for what’s next in finance.

Advanced Financial Analysis Emphasis

Advanced Financial Analysis (AFA) in is an honors-level program that provides students with a deeper foundation in finance and accounting, supplemented by additional technical competence in financial modeling and coding as applied to finance problems. Courses will focus on developing technical skills and applying those skills to solve problems in realistic settings.

Admissions Criteria

Finance Major

  • Admitted to the Eccles School (Upper Division)
  • B+ or higher in FINAN 3040 or 3041 (first attempt)
  • Score in the top 50% on the FINAN 3040 common final exam (waived for students who take FINAN 3041)
  • 3.2 or higher University of Utah GPA
Advanced Financial Analysis Emphasis

  • Admitted to the Eccles School (Upper Division)
  • B+ or higher in FINAN 3040 or 3041 (first attempt)
  • B or higher in ACCTG 3600
  • Score in the top 35% on the FINAN 3040 common final exam (waived for students who take FINAN 3041)
  • 3.5 or higher University of Utah GPA

Students who do not meet all of these criteria are still encouraged to apply. The admission committee will conduct a holistic review and consider grades in quantitative courses, number of repeated courses, and overall academic performance (including transfer coursework).

Admission to all Eccles School majors is subject to the Eccles School Repeat Policy. Submitting an application does not guarantee admission to the major.

  • Students may submit only 2 applications to this major.
  • Even if a student meets the criteria above, the Department of Finance reserves the right to consider grades in FINAN courses beyond 3040.

The Department of Finance reviews admission policies annually, so they are subject to change. These policies apply to all prospective students without regard to color, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran’s status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or genetic information.

Apply for Major

Students may appeal a negative decision to the admission committee once, either after a first or second denial. The committee’s decision after an appeal is final, so students who appeal after an initial denial forfeit their opportunity for a second application.

To submit an appeal, students must email Madeline Rossman ( a short statement, indicating the wish to appeal and explaining any special circumstances that will help the committee evaluate the case.

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