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Rand Kerr named Interim Director of the MHA program

MHA Director Steve Walston will be taking a leave of absence for the next 18 months on a humanitarian mission in Africa. Steve has led the program in growth, stature, and flexibility – adding an online professional version to the degree. We will miss Steve dearly, but [...]

How the pandemic and telehealth are changing the waiting room

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically expedited the growth of telehealth services. While the online service was already being used before the lockdown, patients were hesitant to adopt this practice due to unfamiliarity with the process. However, as the pandemic has forced telehealth to become the new standard of [...]

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Case Competitions

Students from the MHA program will be attending two virtual case competitions within the next few months. These competitions will be an opportunity to put what they learned in the classroom into a real-life case. Ohio State University First-Year Healthcare Competition The Ohio State University First-Year Healthcare [...]

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MHA Mentor and Mentee Q&A Session

We asked Janelle Robinson, University Neuropsychiatric Institute Senior Director of Clinical Operations, and Chad Naylor, MHA student, to weigh in on their experiences of being a preceptor and intern during the COVID-19 pandemic. Janelle, how did your experience being a preceptor this year differ from your experiences in [...]

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