Unleashing the Power of Data: Recap of the 2024 Game Day Analytics Challenge

In the fast-paced world of marketing, understanding consumer behavior is key to crafting impactful advertising strategies. With the rise of social media, brands now have access to an unprecedented wealth of data to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. Leveraging this data to its fullest potential was at the heart of the 2024 Game Day Analytics Challenge, hosted by the Information Systems department at the David Eccles School of Business.

Student teams from across undergraduate and graduate programs led by Professor Dave Norwood gathered recently to participate in this annual competition. The challenge? Analyze X (formerly Twitter) data posted during the Super Bowl to extract valuable insights into consumer feedback on the ads, utilizing a range of cutting-edge technologies such as Python, Twitter API, Alteryx, Tableau, and DOMO.

The twenty-seven teams comprised of 100 students delved into data collection, processing, and visualization, gaining practical knowledge essential for today’s job market. Each team crafted infographics, white papers, and presentations to showcase their findings, which were rigorously judged based on relevance, complexity, and professionalism.

The winning teams not only secured cash prizes but also earned coveted interviews with competition sponsors. Their analyses of over 170,000 tweets and 59 ads uncovered actionable insights that could inform future advertising strategies, demonstrating the immense value of data-driven approaches in marketing.

The success of the 2024 Game Day Analytics Challenge highlights the importance of harnessing data to drive marketing decisions. As we look ahead, it’s clear that the future of marketing belongs to those who can unlock the power of analytics, and events like this are instrumental in shaping the next generation of marketers.

“Super Bowl 58 sparked discussions across platforms like X (formerly Twitter), providing a rich tapestry of public sentiment ripe for analysis… we embarked on a journey to distill actionable insights from this trove of data. Our toolkit included Python, R, Tableau, and Alteryx, empowering us to navigate the vast sea of tweets and extract meaningful patterns. Our findings weren’t just about numbers; they were about understanding the heartbeat of public opinion. From sentiment analysis to stock performance correlations, we left no stone unturned in our quest to decode the Super Bowl advertising landscape. “ – Archit Dudeja

Congratulations to all who participated in our 2024 Game Day Analytics Challenge!


First Place

114 | QuantumMind

  • Logan Bogesvang
  • Jeb Dean
  • Pratyush Dixit
  • Emilie Parra

Second Place

118 | WSU

  • Jimin Go
  • Taehyun Noh
  • TackKyoon Woo

Third Place

Team 103

  • Cash Fehrenbach
  • Lindsay Matsuura
  • Joseph Norton
  • Catherine Villegas


First Place

216 | Star Analysts

  • Fnu Adarsh
  • Bhanu Chakka
  • Rajasekhar Madabattula
  • Prabhudatta Mohapatra

Second Place

224 | The Titans

  • Ankur Amol Chitnis
  • Nikhil Mohapatra
  • Sambit Pani
  • Nikita Vijayrao Zatale

Third Place

209 | DViz

  • Israel Chino
  • Richard Lim
  • Sachin Sudheer


Kahlert Initiative on Technology
Daman Innovation Studio
David Eccles School of Business OIS & Specialty Masters
SLCC U of U Herriman Campus

Presentation and Award Ceremony

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