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Rohit Aggarwal
Assistant Professor; David Eccles Emerging Scholar
Robert Allen
David Eccles Faculty Scholar, C. Roland Christensen Faculty Fellow
Krishnan Anand
David Eccles Professor, Faculty Scholar, Faculty Fellow, & Emerging Scholar
Mike Anderson
Professor (Lecturer)
Elena Asparouhova
Francis A. Madsen Professor of Finance; Assistant Dean for Research and External Funding; Daniels Professor of Ethics
Bonita Austin
Professor (Lecturer)
Dr. Abe Bakhsheshy
Professor and Director of Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative; Professor and Lecturer of Organizational Behavior; Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department
Nitin Bakshi
Associate Professor; David Eccles Faculty Fellow
Sachin Banker
Assistant Professor
Jay Barney
Presidential Professor of Strategic Management; Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship; Editor-in-Chief, the Academy of Management Review
David Bauman
Associate Instructor
Blake Bauman
Associate Instructor
Jamie Bay
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Scott Becker
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Lyda Bigelow
Associate Professor; David Eccles Faculty Fellow and Emerging Scholar
Ariel Blair
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Lee Boam
Professor (Lecturer)
Bryan Bonner
Professor; David Eccles Faculty Scholar & Faculty Fellow
Peter Bossaerts
Research Professor
Jack Brittain
Professor, Pierre Lassonde Presidential Chair
Jonathan Brogaard
Professor; David Eccles Faculty Fellow
Paul Brown
The James Lee Sorenson Presidential Endowed Chair for Business Applied Research, and Professor (Lecturer) of Impact Investing
Jennifer Brown
David Eccles Professor, Acting Chair & Scholar
Anthony Brownlow
Instructor (lecturer)
Marci Butterfield
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Brian Cadman
Associate Professor of Accounting, David Eccles Emerging Scholar
Matthew Campbell
Associate Instructor
Kathryn Cañas
Professor (Lecturer)
Steve Carson
Chair, David Eccles Faculty Fellow & Professor
Shannon Leanne Charles
Professor (Lecturer)
Promothesh Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Jeffrey L. Coles
Samuel S. Stewart, Jr. Presidential Chair in Business David Eccles Chair & Professor of Finance