Business Scholars Certificate

Undergraduate Majors

Choose from nine undergraduate majors to meet your career goals and aspirations, or check out our undergraduate minors below.


Engage in financial management, business-transaction tracking and merger-and-acquisition tracking to adapt to a constantly evolving field.

Business Administration

Focus on the fundamental disciplines of business: Accounting, Finance, Management, and Operations Management/Information Systems.


Prepare to follow trends, identify emerging opportunities, and pursue those possibilities.


Examine how the concepts of time, money, and risk are interrelated, as well as how money is budgeted and spent.

Information Systems

Acquire the tools and training necessary to help organizations leverage technology to solve business problems, innovate and create new products, and achieve their strategic objectives.


Learn to understand organizational culture, adapt to or inspire change, and facilitate the accomplishment of organizational goals.


Learn to understand market research, consumer behavior, advertising, and international marketing, as well how to build brands that people want.

Operations Management

Learn to understand a firm’s profitability, and how to improve process flows, enhance output quality, and manage the supply chain.


Learn to apply economics to business problems, with an emphasis on game theory and econometrics.

Undergraduate Minors

Obtain a solid understanding of business principles and learn how to be a manager. The curriculum emphasizes analytical thinking, communication skills and professionalism.

Available for non-business students only.


Learn the foundational entrepreneurship and innovation skills necessary to create valuable solutions to pressing problems within any organizational setting.

Program starts July 1 for business students only.