Undergraduate Advising Services

Located in the L.S. Skaggs Student Services Center, Undergraduate Advising Services is open each Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Undergraduate Advising Services is closed on holidays and university closure days.

Academic Advising Appointments

Our academic advisors are available for 30- and 45-minute meetings. To schedule an appointment, please stop by the L.S. Skaggs Student Services Center, call 801-581-7853 or click the “Appointments” button below.

Peer Advisor Walk-In Hours

Our well-trained peer advisors are available to assist students with quick questions about course registration, admission and graduation requirements and My Degree Dashboard (Degree Audits and Plans).

Each Fall and Spring Semester, our peer advisors offer walk-in advising Monday through Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. Please note that peer advisors cannot remove mandatory advising holds.

Academic Advisors
Advising at SLCC
Peer Advisors

Our Mission

Undergraduate Advising Services at the David Eccles School of Business supports students in realizing their academic and personal potential. Academic advisors partner with students to foster a deeper understanding of their academic programs and connect them with experiential opportunities to meet their goals and needs. In addition, academic advisors promote an environment of respect, professionalism and collaboration and value each student as an individual.

Our Promise

Your academic advisor will be accessible to you through advising appointments. Your advisor will provide appropriate follow-up assistance when needed.
Your academic advisor will be approachable and convey concern and unconditional positive regard for you and your unique interests. Your advisor will respect your personal values and aspirations.
Your academic advisor will be knowledgeable about business-degree requirements and University policies and procedures. Your advisor will provide information about available resources and refer when appropriate.
Your advisor will make a conscientious effort to get to know you and will partner with you to make decisions. Your advisor will encourage you to have autonomy and responsibility in decision-making.

Your Promise

Take ownership by being informed of the academic calendar and important dates. You are ultimately responsible for understanding degree requirements and University policies.
As a student, you are responsible for communicating your individual circumstances and participating in degree-planning with your advisor.
In order to develop an individualized plan that fits your life and goals, engage and actively participate in your advising appointments. We encourage you to attend your appointment on your own so you can develop a positive, open and honest relationship with your advisor free from distractions. To fully benefit from advising, you should see your advisor each semester and arrive to each appointment prepared with questions, previous degree plans and past appointment notes.
Remain professional by keeping your advising appointments and arriving on time. If you need to reschedule, do so with adequate notice. During your appointment, refrain from distractions such as using your cell phone.
Interact with your advisor and peer advisors using respect, consideration and civility. Communicate professionally both in-person and through email.