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Local Company Visits

Trips are a great opportunity for students to network with local companies, as well as have fun with classmates. In town trips have included Les Olsen, Maverick, Snow Basin, and Amer Sports. During these visits, students gain perspective of the day-to-day operations and inter-workings of the companies. Employees meet with students, explain their career, and how they have achieved success.

Regional Company Visits

Students visit with corporations at out of state locations as well. These trips take place on weekends and often coordinate with U of U football games or other sporting events. In the past, these companies have included Microsoft and Costco in Seattle, Google and Apple in San Francisco, Swift Transportation and Colorado Rockies Management in Phoenix, and the Walt Disney Corporation in Los Angeles.

International Company Visits

Students also have the opportunity to participate in an international trip at the end of their freshman year. This trip includes company visits in locations around the world. Students are immersed in the international business world and are tasked with analyzing the differences in global businesses. These trips have included Tokyo, Paris, Munich, and London.

“Never had I been so excited to see what a company had to offer. Sitting down with a panel of Nike executives who were kind enough to take a portion of their day to discuss their jobs was amazing; it almost made me change my major. I would highly recommend it to anyone else.”

-Zoe Wadge, Business Scholar