The Opportunity Scholars Program is funded entirely by donations from University of Utah alumni, businesses and foundations. In a short-time the program has had a significant impact in assisting its target student population to gain a college education.

Students in the program receive:

  • Tuition and book based scholarships.
  • Tutoring, mentoring, and academic advisement.
  • Preparation for interviews, internships, service learning, and networking opportunities.

Currently, 105 students are involved in the Opportunity Scholars Program. The dynamic demographics of the program include students from the following backgrounds: Anglo, African-American, Asian, Eastern European, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native-American, Pacific Islander, and Africa.

The Program is faced with a delicate balancing act of supporting students currently in the program and recruiting new students for the program without knowing whether future funding will be available. Our goal is to pre-fund current students through graduation and secure additional funding to boost recruiting efforts.