Job Market Candidates

Hengda Jin
Dissertation Topic: Acquisition of Regulatory Filings to Forecast Customer Demand: Evidence from the Airline Industry

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Adam Clark
Dissertation Topic: Beyond Sharehold Supremacy: Governance and Stakeholder Resource-Based Theory

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Steve Kofford
Dissertation Topic: Boundary Conditions on the Effectiveness of Stakeholder Orientation as a Governance Mechanism

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Da Huang
Dissertation Topic: Passive Investing and Mutual Fund Skill, Survival, and Risk-Taking

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Hyun Joong Kim
Dissertation Topic: A Dynamic Model of Governmental Venture Capital

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Joseph Dunbar

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Bo Wen
Dissertation Topic: Examining Impacts of Gamified and Financial Incentives on Online User Engagement

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Craig Brimhall
Dissertation Topic: Chasing Fictitious Variation: People Misattribute Skill for Randomness in Competitive Environments

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Kathryn Coll
Dissertation Topic: Sharing is Not Always Caring: Understanding Pro-Social Information Withholding in Workgroups

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Samantha Dodson
Dissertation Topic: Conveying the Forest or the Trees: The Interplay of Construal Level and Gender in Professional Image Construction

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Krithiga Sankaran
Dissertation Topic: The Interpersonal Consequences of Refusals: A Status Perspective

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David DeFranza
Dissertation Topic: The Dynamics of Parasocial-Relations Following Influencer Recommendations and Endorsements

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Syd Alavi

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