Prior to First Year

  1. Arrive and settle in SLC by the end of July/beginning of August.
  2. Attend the Boot Camp, which typically begins the first week of August.
  3. All incoming students should attend the David Eccles School of Business Orientation.
  4. International students will need to attend the International Student Orientation.

First Year

  1. Begin required coursework. Students work with the department PhD Committee Representative to determine courses. Visit department site for Program of Study.
    • Major Field (15 semester hours)
    • Allied Field (9 semester hours)
    • Research Competency (15 semester hours) – Students have the option of taking a three-credit-hour Philosophy of Science course.
  2. As you begin your coursework, start filling out the Proposed Program of Study to track the classes you have taken and the courses you plan to take.
  3. It is recommended by the end of the first year that students set up their Supervisory Committee. Fill out the Supervisory Committee Request Form.
  4. Work as Graduate Research Assistant.
  5. Begin work on research paper(s).

Second Year

  1. Complete required coursework.
  2. All students are required to take a two-credit hour Effective Teaching course, which is offered summer semester.
  3. International students must also attend the International Teaching Assistant Workshop, which is held summer semester.
  4. Complete the following forms prior to sitting for the Qualifying Exam:
  5. Students typically take qualifying exams at the end of the second year. Once a student passes the qualifying exam, they should fill out the Qualifying Examination/Admission to Candidacy Form. The qualifying exam must be completed no later than the second semester of the third year.

Third Year

  1. If interested in changing your Supervisory Committee, now that you’ve advanced to candidacy, fill out the Supervisory Committee Change Form.
  2. After advancing to candidacy, register for thesis research (7970), and begin work on a thesis. (Student must complete 14 credit hours before graduation).
  3. Students must teach one course before graduating. They typically teach in their third year. Individual departments assign teaching responsibilities.

Fourth Year

  1. Student must defend their proposal before they can defend their dissertation, and to qualifying for funding in their 5th year. Fill out the Dissertation Topic Proposal Form.
  2. Submit a preliminary copy of your dissertation to the Thesis Office.  Please visit the Thesis Office website for information regarding dates and submission process.

Fifth Year

  1. Meet with your Supervisory Committee Chair to discuss progress on thesis and schedule a defense date.
    • Submit a final copy of the dissertation to the Chair of the Supervisory Committee no later than three weeks prior to the final defense.
    • Submit a final copy of the dissertation to the rest of the committee and the PhD Office no later than two weeks prior to the final defense.
  2. After a defense date has been set, work with the PhD Program Office to ensure all candidacy information is entered into the Graduate Tracking System, and review the requirements needed to satisfy your degree.
  3. Fill out Graduation Application.
  4. Student must successfully defend their dissertation before clearing graduation. Fill out the Final Examination (Dissertation Defense) Form.
  5. Dissertation must be approved through Thesis Editor before student can clear graduation.
    • Thesis Editor: 581-8893. Park Building, Room 302
    • Submit a copy of your approved dissertation to the Thesis Office electronically. Please visit the Thesis Office website for information regarding dates and submission process.

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