A Doctor of Philosophy degree is the highest degree obtained at a university. Upon receiving your Ph.D., you will be qualified to instruct students and conduct research as a faculty member at a college or university.

An individual who pursues a Ph.D. is one interested in the dissemination and furthering of knowledge. The decision to receive a Ph.D. should be determined by your desire to teach business courses at a university, and continue conducting research in your area of expertise. If you are more inclined to pursue a career in the commercial sector, obtaining a Ph.D. may not help you meet your goals.

The program generally takes 4-5 years of full time study.
You do not need to apply separately for financial assistance.

Admitted students receive

  • Research or teaching assistantship with a $31,000 stipend
  • Tuition waiver for four years
  • $500+ annual research account
  • Health insurance for student
No, the Ph.D. program is full-time, and requires your presence for the entire period of study.
As our Ph.D. program is full time, students cannot work while enrolled in the program.
All of our areas of specialization are very selective. Most years we have over 200 applicants and approximately 15 students enroll each fall.
Yes, the faculty are involved extensively in the students’ academic pursuits. The classroom sizes are small, and there is a lot of collaborative research.
Yes. All students are required to teach at least one course.
The faculty members are very involved in student placement. They write letters of recommendation and draw from their connections and relationships with colleagues at other universities to help connect students with the best institution for the student.

To help with the costs, you will receive:

  • Research or teaching assistantship with a $31,000 annual stipend and tuition waiver for four years
  • $500+ annual research account
  • Health insurance for student
No, the Ph.D. program is intended for students planning to work in a university or academic setting. An MBA is more suited for students desiring to work in the commercial sector.
No, the program always begins in the fall.
No. Applicants are not required to have an MBA or another Master’s degree. However, applicants do need to have an undergraduate degree.
No. Our Ph.D. program is designed to be completed in 4-5 years regardless if you already have a Master’s degree or not.
Yes. Your undergraduate degree will need to be complete prior to the start of the Ph.D. program.
Yes. We consider applicants with degrees from all disciplines.
No, although it is acceptable for applicants to have work experience prior to starting our program.