The Eccles School of Business faculty are world leaders in their respective areas of research, and are continually breaking ground on innovative ideas. Faculty are strongly committed to working closely with Ph.D. students. We pride ourselves on having a student-to-faculty ratio that is one-on-one, so that each student can gain hands-on experience of what it takes to be an excellent researcher, leading scholar, and star in the classroom. Faculty regularly collaborate with Ph.D. students on research projects and provide guidance, support, and encouragement throughout your doctoral journey.

“It is a joy, not just teaching and mentoring our Phd students, but also learning with them, be it in terms of new theories or methods! Our PhD Program provides students an amazing opportunity to fulfill their research and teaching goals with high-quality faculty support, several behavioral labs, high-end computing facilities, a generous stipend and research account, and of course the fantastic quality of life in the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City.”
— Professor Arul Mishra

“The design of the Eccles Ph.D. program allows doctoral students to quickly immerse in academic life under the supervision of a diverse and accomplished group of research faculty. In this environment, students thrive by providing support and contributing to the body of research that Eccles faculty are known for.”
— Assistant Professor Elena Patel

“The faculty and the culture drew me to the program. I was very impressed with our faculty’s publishing record in general and also that they published with students. Second, when I visited, I was very impressed with the collegial culture among the PhD students. The PhD student group is very supportive both personally and professionally.”
—Kate Coll, PhD Student 

“The best way to learn research is working side-by-side with faculty through all stages of a project. I try to begin working with students early in their program, so we have time to make significant progress before graduation. Our students have proven more than capable of making meaningful contributions to research projects during their time in our program. ”
— Associate Professor Steve Stubben

“Eccles has one of the best faculty groups in the US. If you want to learn how to do impactful, relevant, research, this is the place to get your PhD.

I regularly watched the faculty go above and beyond for students in very meaningful ways. From working with students as mentors and helping them identify unique opportunities to joining them on papers as co-authors the faculty has a very student-centric approach to PhD education.

The faculty is right there with you as you go through highs and lows and that makes a huge difference for your PhD experience.”
—Austin Hill-Kleespie, Recent PhD Graduate

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