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Wrap-Around Support Throughout Your Journey

The Eccles School Ph.D. program has a dedicated team of two full-time individuals to help guide you along your journey. They assure you get the technology support you need, guide you through receiving your stipend, and help assure you are spending your full research budget. They offer high-touch support throughout your entire Ph.D. program.

Our administrative team is here to help you through the whole process.

Lari Frandsen
Lari FrandsenPh.D. Program Associate Director
Paula Perdue
Paula PerduePh.D. Program Manager

“The Eccles School faculty truly care about their students. I’ve felt supported to do my best work in this department. I’ve developed great relationships with faculty, who I’m sure will continue to be collaborators long after I graduate.”
—Samantha Dodson, PhD Student 

“We train PhD students to be able to conduct research early on in the PhD program. We expect, and will help facilitate, students to lead the profession in new ideas before they complete the program.”
— Professor Jonathan Brogaard

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