The David Eccles School of Business offers a highly motivated and productive team of world-renowned professors with interdisciplinary research orientation. Our collaborative and supportive learning environment offers a low faculty-to-student ratio, with faculty who are committed to moving your career forward and will involve you in their research, which impacts global business community. We also offer access to the premium data subscription from WRDS, Behavioral Research Lab, and all other financial and physical resources at the U. You will pick up the vision, expertise, and training necessary to conduct cutting-edge research and launch your career as a business scholar at a research university.

The Eccles School is located in Salt Lake City and has five buildings in use. As one of the safest cities in the U.S., Salt Lake is a fantastic place to live, work, and play, with a relatively low cost of living  and high quality of life. You’ll find stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and some of the world’s best outdoor recreation opportunities. A small- town feel surrounds the a solid big-city core. Your student ID gives free access to the mass public transit options, and the newly-remodeled Salt Lake City International Airport has flight that can take you anywhere in the word. Downtown is bustling with restaurants, nightlife, cultural arts and musical entertainment, and is just a quick 10-minute train ride from campus.

“Students should come to Eccles if they want to do great research, which will eventually lead to a career as a top scholar at a research-focused university. At the same time, life as a Phd student at Eccles is comfortable. Salt Lake City is an affordable and safe city. It offers a great combination of big-city amenities while being minutes away from some of the best outdoor activities in the U.S.”
— Professor Jonathan Brogaard

“The Eccles School provides fantastic resources to students, empowering them to take the lead for whatever research they may be interested in. For example, my second year I applied for and received over $16K of research funds from Eccles School research grants.”
—Rachael Goodwin, PhD Student 

“I would say to think about what you want from a PhD program. In my experience, if you choose to get your PhD at Eccles, you will have to work very hard and you will be collaborating with multiple students and faculty on research projects. I have found this program rewarding because of these two characteristics.”
—Kate Coll, PhD Student