Innovation Scholars

The Innovation Scholar Program is the starting place for undergrads who want to be inventors, entrepreneurs and creators of the future. Do you want to match your passion with a purpose? Do you want to make an impact? We have the program for you. Follow these three steps and receive recognition at graduation and on your transcript as being an “Innovation Scholar.” The Innovation Scholar program is offered in partnership between the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy.


How to get involved

  1. Explore

    Register for Road Map Class (UGS 3050, HONOR 3050 or BUS 3050) During this course you will see how your major and general education courses can fit into a plan to learn more about your chosen area of impact. You will identify extracurricular activities that enable you to create, engage and move your ideas toward making an impact.

  2. Experience

    Learn, invent and get involved Following your personal road map, you will take courses, get involved in extracurricular activities and learn about the innovation process from community and campus innovative thinkers. Consult your chosen faculty mentor along the way.

  3. Reflect

    Register for portfolio class (UGS 3051) Create a website portfolio of your innovative experience. Tell your story of innovation and impact. Having a portfolio is a great way to differentiate yourself as you graduate.

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