Career Preparation

Preparing for career success is a process; start now!

Resume & Cover Letter

Making a great first impression on an employer makes all the difference. Learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd by crafting an effective resume and cover letter.


Internships provide valuable experience and prepare you for career success. In fact, many full-time job offers come from internships. To be competitive in today’s business world, we recommend completing one to three internships prior to graduating.


In business, it is often about whom you know, not just what you know. During your time at the Eccles School, take advantage of every opportunity to build your network. Remember that 80 percent of jobs come from networking!


You’ve worked hard on your resume, created a targeted, convincing cover letter and networked with friends, faculty, staff, alumni and family all the with the goal of getting an interview. 

Online Workshops

Use our Online Workshops to gain the tools and information you need to succeed!