Career Exploration

Discover what you’re passionate about

Four-Year Plan

Career development shouldn’t wait until after graduation! Start preparing now for success. Professional development is a process that takes time. This timeline tool can help you to develop a professional development plan.

Four-Year Plan
Career Exploration Steps

Securing a rewarding career is usually a process that takes time and includes three key steps:

When making decisions about your future, ask yourself:

  • What would really make me happy in a job?
  • Which careers would I find rewarding?
  • What kind of career meets my priorities (e.g. geographic, salary, industry, company size, work/life balance, stability/job security, opportunity for advancement)?
  • What kind of environment or co-workers am I looking for?

Self Assessments

There are many ways to research potential employers, occupations and industries. Informational interviews, job shadows, career fairs, Employer Information Sessions, Career Conferences and appointments with your career counselor are all good resources.

Career Research Sites

The best way to discover if you actually like something is to try it! Internships, off-campus jobs, and on-campus jobs are excellent ways to determine how much you enjoy an industry, company or career path. There are also many other opportunities on campus to explore careers and develop skills.

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