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Every organization needs leaders who understand organizational culture, can adapt to or inspire change, can identify and implement effective strategies, and are capable of facilitating the efforts of others to accomplish organizational goals. The Eccles School Management degree will prepare you to recognize and face the challenges managers and leaders face in the 21st Century.

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Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Rising Star Internship

Each semester, a few lucky students will be accepted for this unique opportunity on the basis of their previous academic record at the University of Utah, successful completion of MGT 3680, as well as the strength of the learning expected in the newly acquired internship or recent promotion in a current position.

This is a joint program offered by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and Business Career Services at the David Eccles School of Business. The final decision for approval is made by your department’s faculty advisor. Each application is evaluated individually and applying does not automatically guarantee acceptance.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Rising Star Internship
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