Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Entrepreneurship certificate does not include pre-business courses. Instead, it requires 6 courses, 2 of which are offered by a student’s home college and tailored to their particular areas study. Only 6 of the required 18 credits are upper division.

For non-business students, the certificate offers a entire range of entrepreneurship skill-building opportunities (including ideation, innovation, marketing and finance) without the prerequisites required for admission to the David Eccles School of Business.

The certificate is a cost- and time-effective way for students to get the skills that they need to start up their own companies or work for a startup. Certificate students also have opportunities to work with the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute, just as Entrepreneurship majors and minors do.

Capstone courses are designed to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning goals established by their educational institution and major department. You must complete 1 of the following capstone courses to complete the certificate:

  • COMM 5170 – Evidence-Based Management I
  • COMM 5880 – Evidence-Based Management II
  • HIST 5100 – Internship in Public History
  • UGS 4820 – Capstone
  • WRTG 4001 – Business Plans & Proposals

OR complete the following 2 courses:

  • UGS 3050 – Innovation Roadmap
  • UGS 3051 – Innovation Scholar Profile

*Business majors must take their capstone course outside of the Eccles School.

Option courses are taught by partner colleges outside of the Eccles School. You must complete 1 of the following option courses to complete the certificate:

  • CHIN 3510
  • ECON 5380
  • HNKLY 3500
  • LING 3600
  • PHIL 3530
  • WRTG 3016

  • COMM 2670
  • HIST 4740
  • JAPAN 3525
  • PHIL 3510
  • SPAN 4510
  • WRTG 4030

This is like no other online course. In short, it’s a hybrid online course. We have created an innovative online environment that effectively extends the intimate and collaborative classroom setting to any mobile device. Through our classroom “studio,” online classes will be broadcast simultaneously at the same times as the normal sections. We have integrated world-class videoconferencing technology to allow you to be virtually inside the classroom and collaborate with your online cohort. Since all of the course curriculum and assessments are available on the website, you can take this class anywhere. If you can’t make it to virtual class, the lectures will be posted after class.
There are not any prerequisites, although we do recommend starting with ENTP 1010 in order to have the most transformative entrepreneurial experience.
Yes, the certificate is open to all majors.
Yes, ENTP 1010 fulfills a Social / Behavioral Science (BF) requirement, and ENTP 1020 fulfills an Applied Science (AS) requirement.
You can apply for the certificate here.