David Eccles School of Business is an economic power player in the city of Salt Lake, the largest industrial banking center in the United States. Students benefits from the School’s deep-rooted connection to a major business center. The partnerships with business leaders in Salt Lake area shape the industry-relevant education we deliver, the applied research we conduct and the academic leaders we generate. The Eccles School has fueled the growth of the region, serving as a research partner, generating innovative ideas, helping to tackle major business challenges and developing top-tier talent through its academic programs. Once you arrive, you will soon find out how University of Utah, one of the nation’s top research universities, moves knowledge forward and embraces new ideas and challenges in the business world.

“PhD students bring fresh ideas and perspectives that have the potential to shape our field. It is exciting to watch them develop and test their ideas, as well as their scholarly identity.

The working relationships between PhD students and faculty sets the Eccles program apart. Our PhD students are an integral part of the Eccles community. They make important contributions to our scholarship, the classroom experience, and their respective academic fields.

Eccles offers a world-class PhD experience. You will develop close working relationships with the faculty, be given the resources you need to succeed and be fully supported along your PhD journey.”
— Assistant Professor Kylie Rochford