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Bonita Austin
Professor (Lecturer); Director, Business Scholars Academics
Abe Bakhsheshy
Professor and Director of Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative; Professor and Lecturer of Organizational Behavior; Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department
Jay Barney
Presidential Professor of Strategic Management; Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship
Lyda Bigelow
Professor and David Eccles Faculty Fellow
Paul Brown
The James Lee Sorenson Presidential Endowed Chair, and Professor (Lecturer) of Entrepreneurship
Deb Coffey
Administrative Assistant
Troy D’Ambrosio
Assistant Dean; Executive Director of Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute; Lassonde Chair in Entrepreneurship
Josh Feng
Assistant Professor
Tresa Fish
Administrative Program Coordinator
Casey Gifford
Administrative Assistant
Agnes Guenther
ENS Post-Doctoral Fellow
Kathy Hajeb
Professor (Lecturer) & Lassonde Faculty Director
Heidi Noelle Herrick
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Bill Hesterly
Associate Chair and Dumke Family Presidential Chair in Strategic Management; Daniels Fund Initiative Professor in the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Matthew J. Higgins
Chair and H. Brent Beesley Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy; Director, Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation
Maria Kurakina
Sorenson Post-Doctoral Fellow
Anpu Mahalingam
Goff Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jeff Nielsen
Professor (Lecturer)
Taft Price
Professor (Clinical)
Nicole (Colee) Pyne
Professor (Lecturer)
Beverly Rich
Assistant Professor
Bill Schulze
David Eccles Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy; Faculty Scholar & Fellow
Orie Shelef
Assistant Professor
Jason Snyder
Associate Professor
Ruchi M. Watson
Managing Director, Goff Strategic Leadership Center, Professor (Lecturer)
Robert Wuebker
Assistant Professor