Kathy Hajeb

Professor (Lecturer) & Lassonde Faculty Director

Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

Career Line, Faculty, Staff

Kathy Hajeb is a Director at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. She is responsible for a variety of student innovation and entrepreneurship programs where she challenges students of all ages to match their passion with a purpose. Kathy is a Professor (Lecturer) at the David Eccles School of business where she teaches courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Lassonde Institute hosts statewide business plan competitions, innovation showcases, provides mentoring opportunities, fellowships, startup support, milestone funding, and internships to students who are interested in solving the world’s problems. The Lassonde Studios, a student residence and innovation prototyping and workshop space to support University student inventors will open in 2016. She received both her bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Utah and worked in the natural resource industry prior to joining the University in 2003.

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  • University of Utah Master Engineering Administration, College of Industrial Engineering
  • University of Utah B.S. Business Management, School of Business Graduated Cum Laude