Heidi Noelle Herrick

Associate Professor (Lecturer)

Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy


Dr. Herrick, MBA, Ph.D., is a professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at the University of Utah. Prior to academia, she worked as a consultant in San Francisco where she specialized in intellectual property cases for some of the leading tech firms in Silicon Valley. She consults and acts as an advisor to various corporations on a number of strategic matters including decision making under uncertainty and strategic leadership. 

Heidi’s recent research and consulting work focuses primarily on strategic leadership, enrollment of key stakeholders, innovation, economic development, and operating under conditions of uncertainty. Dr. Herrick works with the Goff Strategic Leadership Center and the Lassonde Entrepreneurial Institute to develop the future leaders of tomorrow. She also volunteers with local women refugee entrepreneurs who have recently relocated to Utah. She has spoken a various programs and events around the world and been profiled in Pink, a leading women’s business magazine. 

Dr. Herrick has published in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal and the Journal of International Business Policy. She earned her Ph.D. in entrepreneurship and strategy from the University of Utah and an MBA from Oxford University where she was awarded a prestigious fellowship with the University’s technology transfer department and helped to develop and commercialize leading-edge technology developed within the university, and she had a B.S. with honors in finance from Brigham Young University. 

Heidi Herrick