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5 tips to build your personal brand on Instagram

Many people use Instagram and have a huge interest in posting every single day. Some of these people could even be called influencers, but how do they gain so many followers? How do they assure their posts have that signature look? Instagram isn't just a post by post kind of thing. It takes some strategic thinking and planning when posting something for the world to see. [...]

2017-12-20T10:07:31-07:00April 14th, 2017|

3 professional social media tips from Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid signed with IMG models in 2013 and by 2014 she made’s list of the top 50 models in the world. Quoting the profound Derrick Zoolander, “being ridiculously good looking” obviously aided in this endeavor, but what was Gigi able to do on her own to secure this precious title? The answer: social media. Social media has developed into a very powerful [...]

2017-12-20T10:07:44-07:00November 15th, 2016|