Unfortunately, it is that time again — the time that we all crawl into a hole for the next two weeks and say goodbye to the social scene. Finals is a time where we spend all our time in the library preparing for tests and projects. You don’t have to suffer though. It takes a little bit of diligence and perseverance to get through finals, but you can totally dominate them in the end!

5 Tips for crushing finals

  1. Create a schedule of all your tests and projects. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to prepare for each subject.
  2. Eat healthy/workout. Give your body and brain a good workout. Eating healthy and working out destresses yourself and helps give your brain power to function and retain material for a longer period of time. Keep healthy snacks, like peanuts or trail mix, and water in your backpack for quick pick me-ups
  3. When it comes for study time, choose a place that will allow you to get things done. Study in the library away from your friends and try not to study in bed where you might fall asleep. Go to a place that is calming, relaxing and quiet.
  4. Social Media. Delete the apps on your phone for the next two weeks. Seeing notifications on your phone only makes you curious to check your phone again. Social media isn’t that important (just for now), and this includes Netflix.
  5. Be early. On the day of the test, make sure you arrive 15-30 minutes early. This allows you to review any last minute information and talk with fellow classmates on concepts.

Remember, finals can work in your favor; don’t let finals take you over. Just get through it one project/study guide at a time. You will prosper.

Good luck and happy finals!