5 tips to build your personal brand on Instagram

Many people use Instagram and have a huge interest in posting every single day. Some of these people could even be called influencers, but how do they gain so many followers? How do they assure their posts have that signature look?

Instagram isn’t just a post by post kind of thing. It takes some strategic thinking and planning when posting something for the world to see. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some tips:

5 Tips to brand your Instagram

  1. High-Quality images. Yes, you do need to have a high-quality image. No, you don’t need to have a $5,000 camera to take them. All you need is your iPhone. Play around with angles and figure how what your camera has in order for you to take that quality image.
  2. Photo editing. Use editing apps like VSCO or FaceTune to help edit your pictures. Many of the popular Instagram influencers use these apps to put quality custom filters on images and help make their skin and face look flawless.
  3. Brand/strategic thinking in captions and hashtags. Don’t just post to post, it doesn’t look good and it makes you look needy. Think of a cute or catchy caption to engage your followers. Put hashtags in the comments instead of directly on your post so you can get the reach of your post without seeming like you want to be noticed — and always try to use an emoji!
  4. What does your bio look like? Your bio is you calling card. It can make or break your brand. Your bio should include contact information (usually a business email) and something that says who you are. Emojis are a great way to help followers discover your personality.
  5. Why are you posting? Again, don’t just post to post. You need to have a reason to post a picture. Show people what you are doing or what you have done. Show people the delicious meal you just ate, what concert you are at and what places you are traveling to. Have a reason to post.


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