Starting to plan for the future and need help? Business Career Services at the Eccles School can help you get started in planning for the future. It’s never too late to plan for what you want to do after graduation, but the earlier you start working toward your career goals, the better.

Have an internship or full-time job that you want? Have a resume that needs looking at? Meet with a career counselor and sit down and talk. Finding ways for you to reach your goals is a great way to be successful here at the Eccles School.

Check out these five tips from Business Career Services:

1. Build a solid resume. Always have a resume in hand when attending career fairs and info sessions. Before you start handing out your resume, make sure it has been built with experience in clubs, volunteer service, skills, goals and accomplishments.

2. Research. Make sure you know the deadlines for applications for internships and full-time jobs is important. Research the companies that you want to apply and possibly work for. Like all social media, know who works there and research the “About Them” areas of their websites. Find common ground with them when you meet with companies. Be knowledgeable about the companies so you can ask intelligent questions and show that you were interested enough in working for them to do some digging before your interview.

3. Social media. Be sure that you are on LinkedIn. This is a place where you can highlight your accomplishments and others can brag about you. It allows you to show so much more than a piece of paper ever could. Have people endorse your for the skills that you have. Also be sure to make sure that all content of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter don’t contain material that could take you out of the running for getting that internship or job. Keep it classy.

4. Attend a Workshop. Finding workshops for interviewing, networking, resume building and even clubs to get you involved are great ways to get build you up as an individual. Get advice from the pros and other students and make yourself more professional.

5. Interviewing. Interviewing is one of the most crucial aspects of landing that internship or job. Going in with confidence and knowing who you are as well as every detail on your resume is very important. Be sure to do an online mock interview.

For more information in planning your career, please contact Melissa Kraft at Business Career Services via email at

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