Master of Healthcare Administration
Kathryn Adair
Career Counselor
Dr. Abe Bakhsheshy
Professor and Director of Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative; Professor and Lecturer of Organizational Behavior; Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department
Lee Boam
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Jack Brittain
Professor, Pierre Lassonde Presidential Chair, Entrepreneurship
Nico Bronzati
Admissions Coordinator
Chris Dansie
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Larry Hancock
Employee Relations
Joseph Horton
Professor (Lecturer)
Brent James
Adjunct Professor
Karl Lins
Spencer Fox Eccles Chair in Banking and Professor of Finance
Dan Lundergan
Executive Director and Adjunct Associate Instructor
Rich McKeown
Executive in Residence
Scott Parker
Professor (Lecturer)
Debra Scammon
Emma Eccles Jones Professor
Glen Schmidt
Department Chair, David Eccles Professor of Business
Jim Sheets
Adjunct Associate Instructor
Kendall Van Horssen
Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Vickers
MHA Program, Associate Director, Student Services
Katie Vogt
MHA Graduate Assistant
Stephen Walston
Director of MHA Program, Professor (Lecturer)
Don Wardell