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Lowell Brown

Adjunct Instructor

Master of Healthcare Administration

Adjunct, Faculty

Lowell is a partner in the law firm of Arent Fox, LLP, and has practiced health care law for 35 years. He concentrates on the provider segment of the health care industry and advises hospitals, medical staffs, health systems, long-term care facilities, medical groups, and other such organizations in business, regulatory, and medico-legal matters. His practice emphasizes operational issues, including the design and implementation of compliance programs, practitioner credentialing, peer review, disciplinary hearings, Medicare certification, licensing and accreditation issues, and related policies and procedures.

Lowell is also a nationally recognized and widely published authority on EMTALA — the federal law prohibiting improper emergency patient transfers by hospitals (“patient-dumping”). In addition, he has extensive experience defending clients against actions by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to terminate Medicare provider agreements.    Lowell’s practice also encompasses operational issues such as bioethics, medical records, and consent and confidentiality. His experience in the foregoing areas includes litigation in California and federal courts.

Lowell has served as legal counsel for the prevailing parties in the first California appellate court decision to construe California’s peer review statute, Busi