Dan Lundergan

Adjunct Instructor

Department of Operations and Information Systems, Master of Healthcare Administration

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Dan Lundergan has worked for University of Utah Health (UUH)-Hospitals and Clinics for over four decades and has held numerous positions within the organization. His past experience includes, but is not limited to the management of the Surgical Services and Ambulatory Clinics, as well as working with Dr. John Dixon, for six years in the Laser Institute, where he coordinated the administrative functions, established a post-graduate educational program for physicians around the nation and participated in various research projects published in academic books and journals.

Dan is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer working with the executive team to develop strategies to ensure the hospital’s ongoing financial viability and fulfill its safety, satisfaction, and quality priorities. In addition, Dan is the Executive Director for the University of Utah Hospital. This role requires that he works closely with the Senior Vice President’s Office in coordinating master space planning, strategic planning and various initiatives that impact the University of Utah Hospital. Dan continuously participates in innovative strategies to prepare for the ever changing healthcare industry. As a vital executive for hospital operations, Dan’s key roles are merging institutional strategies into operational accomplishments. In doing so, he is creating a successful data-driven environment under an umbrella of intuition and insight.

Dan is passionate about creating an atmosphere with positive working relationships, the flexibility to learn from mistakes, and an overall environment of trust, honestly and mutual respect. Dan values teamwork and envisions a culture change within hospital operations for local and national healthcare policies.

Dan received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Utah and his Master’s degree in Hospital Administration, at the University of Minnesota. Dan is married and the father of three boys. He and his family enjoy participating in such outdoor activities as skiing, biking and hiking. Dan has been a resident of the state of Utah for many years and has enjoyed his years of service at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics.

Dan has a deep appreciation for University of Utah Health Care’s multi-mission to provide exceptional quality and patient experience while advancing science and education. He is committed to making a difference for both the patients and their families

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Master of Healthcare Administration, University of Minnesota