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Institutes, Centers, and Initiatives

Gain real-world experience and develop your leadership skills.

The Eccles School hosts several Institutes, Centers, and Initiatives that provide students with the opportunities to participate in research, gain real-world experience in internships and fellowships, and network and travel with the broader community. Whether it’s managing a $400,000 portfolio, participating in a impact-investing internship, working on projects in Ghana, strengthening your leadership skills, researching and helping to craft policy, or starting your own business, the possibilities to grow, gain experience, and make a difference, are endless.


Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute provides independent economic, demographic, and public policy data, as well as research and analysis to support informed decision-making throughout Utah and beyond.

Student Opportunities:

  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Business Scholar internship program
  • Graduate student assistantships
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Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is a nationally ranked hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the University of Utah. Whether you want a deep dive or only have an hour, Lassonde has something for all students wanting to learn how to become a founder, creator, or change-maker.

Student Opportunities:

  • Live, Create, Launch at Lassonde studio
  • Grants, workshops, makerspace, expert mentors, scholarships, and more!
  • Lassonde+X three-course academic program for all undergraduate majors
  • Lassonde Founders undergraduate residential scholarship program
  • Summer at Lassonde program
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Marriner S. Eccles Institute for Economics and Quantitative Analysis

The Marriner S. Eccles Institute for Economics and Quantitative Analysis provides transformational, interdisciplinary opportunities for students in fields related to economics.

Student Opportunities:

  • Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations (QAMO) major
  • Webinars, conferences, and events
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Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity

Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity

This center provides a platform where faculty, staff, students, and other learners and partners can engage in experiential scholarly endeavors that are impact-driven and designed to create capacity for improving life quality, especially for those who live in underdeveloped and emerging markets.

Student Opportunities:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate college courses
  • Internship opportunities in Ghana
  • Excursions and projects abroad
  • “Health in Context” minor in Ghana
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Goff Strategic Leadership Center

The Goff Strategic Leadership Center builds a bridge between the classroom and community for all University of Utah students. Each Goff experience is anchored in hands-on learning; we work with organizations across the world to provide students transformational learning opportunities.

Goff utilizes real projects and experiences as a catalyst for both student and organizational growth. Goff students actively contribute to the growth and success of companies and community organizations, all while building critical strategic leadership skills.

Student Opportunities:

  • Experiential learning through the Scholars, Trailblazers and Explorers programs
  • Programs and events open to all majors to build strategic leadership across academic disciplines
  • Building a community of strategic leaders
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Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center

The Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center prepares the next generation of leaders in real estate through academic programs, degree options, executive education programs and the Utah Real Estate Challenge.

Student Opportunities:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Real Estate Challenge Competitions
  • Travel abroad opportunities
  • MRED student mentorship program
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Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation

The Sorenson Center for Discovery & Innovation provides student innovators with a digital sandbox where they can generate ideas, experiment, and learn on their way to success.

Student Opportunities:

  • Global entrepreneurship program
  • Entrepreneur-focused opportunities and programs
  • Games4Health challenge
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Sorenson Impact Center

Sorenson advances the understanding and application of free enterprise principles to create scalable, sustainable societal change. They create innovative, data-driven approaches to difficult social and public health challenges.

Student Opportunities:

  • Internship opportunities in data science, impact investing, policy, and storytelling
  • Work with the Social Innovation Fund, a White House initiative, to manage the nationwide Pay for Success program
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Utah Center for Financial Services

This center provides guidance to financial service organizations on regulatory issues and examines and supports the deployment of new financial products and services.

Student Opportunities:

  • Read reports on local Utah financial assessments
  • Learn about the dual-banking system and the role of state-chartered banks in the United States
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Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) allows student to manage a $1 million portfolio of exchange-listed equities, ETFs, and money market investments.


AdThing Utah

Developed by the Eccles School and supported by Student Media, AdThing is a real, creative ad agency that works on real projects with real clients, under real professionals.

Student Opportunities:

  • Hands-on creative experience
  • Ad development for real clients
  • Professional mentorship
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Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

The Eccles School is one of only 11 U.S. schools offering this initiative. Students engage in building solid, principle-based ethical frameworks for decision-making in complex business environments.

Student Opportunities:

  • Undergraduate Ethics Case Competitions
  • “Rising Star” Internship
  • Ethical Leadership awards and events
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Global Value-Based Healthcare

The Value-Based Healthcare Initiative is a holistic approach to measuring value in healthcare. The full healthcare system journey of a patient or population is taken into account as outcomes are tracked across the continuum of care.

Student Opportunities

  • Regular webinars and symposiums
  • Value based healthcare speaker series
  • Annual symposium
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Hope Corps

The mission of the Hope Corps, in partnership with Utah Community Builders, is to assist and lift the businesses and people of Utah.

Student Opportunities

  • Internship opportunities
  • Hope Corp Scholarship
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Kahlert Initiative on Technology

The Kahert Initiative on Technology is focused on creating the most digitally literate students in the world regardless of degree.

Student Opportunities

  • Digital Literacy Certificate 7-course program
  • “Cyber-Summer” 12-week course experience
  • Internships
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Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to manage a $1,000,000 portfolio of exchange-listed equities, ETFs, and money market investments. Students perform both individual and group research projects, learn about various analytical techniques, and make presentations before leading finance practitioners.

Student Opportunities

  • Student run $1,000,000 Investment fund
  • Open to Finance and QAMO majors
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