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Welcome to the Kahlert Initiative on Technology

The Kahlert Initiative on Technology prepares any University of Utah undergraduate student to be digitally literate regardless of degree through elective courses, the experiential Kahlert Scholars program, a Certificate in Digital Literacy, and regular events and activities. These opportunities teach students about topics including app design, big data, blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. All students are encouraged to to apply to join the Kahlert Scholars, a community of students that receive scholarships for the certificate classes and participate in workshops, tech competitions, business visits, and more. The Certificate in Digital Literacy allows students to learn cutting-edge technology from industry experts in an easy-to-understand format. The certificate opens the doors of career opportunity by equipping students with the skills and knowledge the top companies want. Those positions that require hybrid skills, combining fields such as marketing and statistical analysis or design and programming, are the most future-proof jobs available.

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How to Get Involved

Join the Kahlert Scholars & Certificate Program

All students at the University of Utah are welcome to apply to be a Kahlert Scholars and join a thriving tech community at the University of Utah and beyond. They are engaged in tech activities on campus, workshops, tech company visits, tech competitions, guest speakers, and the program provides a great way to get involved. All students in the Kahlert Scholars program receive scholarships to enroll in Kahlert elective and courses that count toward the Certificate in Digital Technology.

About the Certificate in Digital Literacy

The Kahlert Certificate in Digital Literacy provides an introduction and overview of cutting-edge technologies and their influence on the world. Students admitted to the Kahlert Scholars program, receive scholarships that can be used toward this certificate. To complete the certificate, students must take seven courses and 21 credits. Students can choose from many courses and complete them in any order. Enroll in the certificate by applying to the Kahlert Scholars program.

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Register for Elective & Certificate Courses

Here are upcoming courses that can be taken as electives or toward the Certificate in Digital Literacy:

Spring 2023 Courses

IS 2495 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
IS 2910 Virtual Reality
IS 2910 Beginner Python
MKTG 2310 Digital Marketing

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Why Join the Kahlert Initiative?

The Kahlert Initiative on Technology offers several ways to add technology to any major. Kahlert Scholars elevate their core majors by adding technical skills. Students can also complete a Certificate in Digital Literacy.

The Kahlert Initiate on Technology opens pathways for students to explore job opportunities in the tech industry. These jobs are booming locally and across the country and world.

Students who join the Kahlert Scholars and certificate program have access to many resources to help them gain strong and relevant tech skills. They include faculty, mentors, industry partners, and more.

Faculty and mentors in the Kahlert Initiative on Technology program come from a wide range of backgrounds and have deep knowledge and experience in all areas related to information technology. Student in the program get the opportunity to interact with these experts closely to hone their ideas and achieve their goals.

The Kahlert Initiative on Technology students get the opportunity to visit and network with technology companies. This allows them to learn about careers in technology and make connections that will help them pursue them.

Student in the Kahlert Initiative on Technology program don’t just learn about technology. They also practice it. Through many hands-on activities and events, students put what they learn to work on teams and individually.

Attend one of the guest lectures provided by the Kahlert Initiative on Technology to meet interesting people and learn something new. These speakers come from many diverse industries and backgrounds. They help make technology relevant and meaningful by sharing perspectives and experiences.

Join a thriving community of students interested in technology at the Kahlert Initiative on Technology. They come from across campus and are engaged to gain a rich experience and build their skills, while also meeting new people and having fun.

“Kahlert has allowed me to meet like-minded people in the tech industry. It has expanded my knowledge on the possibilities and opportunities out there for me!”

Janet Ramirez

“I have learned many valuable skills that have helped me understand the importance of technology in the future of business and society. I have been able to network and interact with like-minded individuals with a passion for pioneering innovation and developing their own personal skills in technology.”

Kasey Arnerich

“The Kahlert Initiative on Technology helped me determine exactly what I wanted to study and provided the perfect opportunity for exposure to a broad range of technology-based fields. I’ve loved every class I’ve taken through this program”

Jordan Beck

Elective & Certificate Course Topics

Here are example course topics that can be taken as electives or for the Certificate in Digital Literacy:

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
    • Introduction to Blockchain
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Ethereum and Digital Auditing
  • Web/App Design and Creation
    • Product Management
    • Introductory UI/UX Design
    • Introductory Web and Mobile Dev
  • Marketing and Data
    • Big Data for Business
    • Predictive Analytics for Business
    • Digital Marketing
  • VR, IoT, and Voice Tech
    • Virtual Reality
    • Internet of Things
    • Voice Tech
  • AI, ML, and Database
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • A Business Case for Database
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About our Founder, Heather Kahlert

The founder of the Kahlert Initiative on Technology, Heather Kahlert, is a champion for technology, deeply engaged in the community and through hundreds of nonprofits, and the vice president of the The Kahlert Foundation. Established in 1991 by her grandfather, William Kahlert, The Kahlert Foundation’s mission is to provide grants to nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life and well-being of the community in the areas of health care, youth programs, education, veteran organizations, and human services. Heather Kahlert is also a board member or advocate for many schools and non-profits, including the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, Make-A-Wish Utah, Warrior Rising, the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, and many more. She has a bachelor’s of science and MBA degrees from the University of Utah. She is also the mother of three children and lives in Salt Lake County.

Heather Kahlert

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David Eccles School of Business
Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building
1655 East Campus Center Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
801-581-7676 (main line for Eccles School)


Chong Oh
Director, Kahlert Initiative on Technology

Academic Advising

Do you have questions about enrolling in courses at the David Eccles School of Business? The academic advising office is a great resource for you. Read them 801-581-7853, advising@eccles.utah.edu or visit their website here.