Leading Prosperity Science at the University of Utah

The process by which people in a region improve their economic, social, and political well-being.

Christensen, Ojomo, and Dillon
The Prosperity Paradox, 2019

We focus on integrating innovation and entrepreneurship with health enabling practices in pursuit of economic, social, and political well-being. Prosperity science is about discovering what makes this type of progress happen and ways to expand it.

The Center is a platform where faculty, staff, students, and partners advance and engage prosperity science to create capacity for improving life quality around the world by doing the following:

Prosperity Scholars

A transformative co-curricular student organization

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Impact & Prosperity Epicenter

The newest living-learning community at the University of Utah, opening fall 2024

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Student Experiences

Experiences that engage students in the advancement of prosperity science

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The Center aligns with the four organizing principles of the David Eccles School of Business:
entrepreneurial gritcontinuous curiosityempathetic global citizenship, and world impact.