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 Global Value-Based Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare is a holistic approach to measuring value in healthcare. The full healthcare system journey of a patient or population is taken into account as outcomes are tracked across the continuum of care. Learn more through our regular webinar series, and join us in May 2021 for our symposium.

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Bite-Sized Break: Fast & Fresh Insights into Value-Based Healthcare

Join us for a quick lunch break every month to learn more about the world of Value-Based Healthcare and its growing impacts on the world of healthcare. You will hear from experts in Utah and across the country as they share their insights and knowledge about the field and how it is shaping the future of healthcare.

Speakers: Sara Singleton, Leavitt Partners Principal based in D.C.; Vince Ventimiglia,
President of Leavitt Partners Collaborative Advocates

“Analyzing the Impact of the U.S. Elections on Healthcare”
Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020 | Noon MT

Take a quick break to hear from Sara Singleton and Vince Ventimiglia as they take 20 minutes to discuss what implications for healthcare the election results have in this free webinar.

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Past Sessions

Value-Based Care Is Still the Future: Examining the factors indicating that the transition to value is alive and well

[Originally aired on July 9, 2020]

Speaker: Dr. Brent James

Take a quick lunch break to hear from Dr. Brent James as he discusses the growth he is seeing in value-based healthcare.

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Public Health: The Invisible Ingredient in Value-Based Care

[Originally aired on Aug. 6, 2020]

Speaker: Mike Leavitt, Former Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services; Former Utah Governor

Take a quick break to hear from Mike Leavitt as he takes 20 minutes to discuss the importance of public health in the world of value-based healthcare in this free webinar.

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Speaker: Dr. Nicholas Hicks, Associate Fellow of Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford and lead for the Management in Medicine Programme and Founder of COBIC

[Originally Aired Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020 | Noon MT]

Take a quick break to hear from Dr. Hicks as he takes 20 minutes to discuss the sustainability of the National Health Service in a post-COVID-19 environment in this free webinar.

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Speaker: Dr. Julie Gerberding, Chief Patient Officer and Executive Vice President at Merck; Former Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2002 to 2009

[Originally Aired Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020 | Noon MT]

Take a quick break to hear from Dr. Gerberding as she takes 20 minutes to discuss what lessons she and the country have learned from the global pandemic and response in this free webinar.

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2021 Global Value-Based Healthcare Virtual Symposium

The David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah and Green Templeton College, University of Oxford are excited to host the first annual Global Value-Based Healthcare Symposium in Salt Lake City. Join healthcare decision-makers from around the world for the virtual 2021 Global Value-Based Healthcare Symposium and receive action-based takeaways for implementing value-based care in your organization.

May 12-13, 2021

Assess. Collaborate. Transform. Take value-based care from conception to execution.

  • Assess company data and understand the best path for transforming your organization.
  • Collaborate with other companies and determine how your organization can work with payers, providers, and other community members while assessing your data needs for collaboration.
  • Transform your organization and learn how to build a value-based healthcare system at a local, state, and national level.

If you are interested in sponsoring the symposium, please email Brooke Lenzen at to get more information.


The Symposium agenda is now live. Click below to learn more about the experts you will learn from.

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Registration for the 2021 Symposium is now closed.



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