Tips for writing your first resume

It can be daunting to create your first resume! Maybe you don’t have formal experience or perhaps you’ve been dreading what seems like a complex task. We've gathered some advice from our Eccles Career Coaches to help with this important step in your career journey. An easy way to get started is with a template. A template geared to your major is particularly [...]

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Writing a Resume: The Do’s and Don’ts

Résumé. Depending on how proud of yourself you are: this may be your favorite or most hated word. In the Eccles School, we tend to hear this term at least twice a day, so obviously it must be somewhat important. Below are some do’s and don’ts of the resume writing process. Make sure your not breaking the cardinal sins of resume writing by following [...]

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How to be a rock star during your job interview

Getting nervous for that upcoming job interview of yours? Getting hired will be a lot easier if you prepare in advance for the interview. Research the company and know the leaders, what the company stands for and what is going on in the news with the company. Practice your answers with people in mock interview settings. Here are some questions t