It can be daunting to create your first resume! Maybe you don’t have formal experience or perhaps you’ve been dreading what seems like a complex task. We’ve gathered some advice from our Eccles Career Coaches to help with this important step in your career journey.

  • An easy way to get started is with a template. A template geared to your major is particularly useful and allows you to incorporate the skills you’re developing into your experience. “For example, if you’ve had a job where you’re interacting with the public, highlight how you’ve communicated, solved problems, and identified needs.” This is important when your experience might be limited or lacking in the area you’re pursuing. ~ Lynnette Horner (Accounting)
  • “Don’t forget to include coursework on your resume!” We’re not talking about Into to Pottery (unless you’re hoping to land a job as an artist or at an artistic business). Include courses and school projects relevant to the positions you’ll be applying for. Coursework signals that you have knowledge in an area and are developing competency. ~ Suzy Shurtliff (Finance)
  • “Three areas, when well-rounded, can make you a ‘triple threat’: Education (the classes that you took), experience (even competitions or school projects count!), and industry-recognized certifications.” In evaluating the content of your resume, look for the presence and balance of these three elements. Incorporating all three helps you tell your career story and demonstrates your aptitude for the job. ~ Jacob Newman (Information Systems)
  • “Tailor your resume for each position you apply for and make sure that your keywords match so that they pass the initial Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) screening.”~ Marcella Kirschbaum (Entrepreneurship, Management, Operations & Supply Chain)
  • Simplify your document by using direct language and bullet statements. Keep formatting straightforward; in this situation, less is more. Hone and refine your resume with the input of others. “Leave out unnecessary words, such as, “I,” “we,” “that,” and proofread! Then, have a friend, family member, and your Career Coach proofread it.” ~ Schaun Davis (Finance)
  • And finally, “get as much advice as you can”. Use friends, family members, professional contacts, teachers, and University resources to help make your resume the best it can be. Make your first move by booking an appointment with your Career Coach. ~ Rebecca McDonald (MSIS, MSBA)

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