Writing a Resume: The Do’s and Don’ts

Résumé. Depending on how proud of yourself you are: this may be your favorite or most hated word. In the Eccles School, we tend to hear this term at least twice a day, so obviously it must be somewhat important. Below are some do’s and don’ts of the resume writing process. Make sure your not breaking the cardinal sins of resume writing by following these suggestions:


  • Put you name on the top- this is very important. You may be the most amazing applicant there, but no name=no job.
  • Use interesting action verbs. You may have just been raking leaves for 10 dollars an hour, but to the employer, you were “collecting yard waste to improve outdoor aesthetic and alleviate home owner workload.”
  • Make it easy to read. Do not try and express yourself through your font choice. Curlz MT is NEVER the answer.
  • Put the link to your LinkedIn profile on the top of the paper below your name. There is, however, a caveat to this: if your LinkedIn profile is not so good either a) make it good or b) don’t advertise it until it has been given a makeover.


  • Include your picture on your resume. You may have a selfie that really just embodies everything you are and stand for, but now is not the time to show it off.
  • Use colored paper. This is not the time to get crafty and whip out the modge podge and construction paper. Keep it classy with that timeless 8 ½ X 11 white.
  • Include your political or religious beliefs on your resume. May seem like a no brainer, but I wouldn’t be saying it if I hadn’t seen it. Keep it as politically correct as you possibly can. Avoid controversy.

Follow these tips and you are approximately one step closer to getting the job: aka you are now beating out the nameless resume on glittery paper with a peace sign throwing man on the top. Congratulations!

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