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What your donation during the 1917-Minute Challenge means to recipients

The annual 1917-Minute Challenge is upon us, and we're in a race against the clock to recruit 750 donors and raise money for scholarships for our incredible students. With that in mind, we thought we'd let some of the students who received scholarship funds from last year's Challenge tell us — in their own words — how their lives have been impacted by [...]

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The annual 1917-minute challenge kicks off this week and we need YOUR help!

The annual 1917-Minute Challenge will officially kick off tomorrow, October 29th at noon! Dean Taylor Randall is calling on all alumni, donors, staff, faculty and students to make scholarships our top priority and you can help by giving back. We have 1,917 minutes to find 1,000 donors committed to changing the lives of students at the David Eccles School of Business. How can you [...]

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