The annual 1917-Minute Challenge is upon us, and we’re in a race against the clock to recruit 750 donors and raise money for scholarships for our incredible students.

With that in mind, we thought we’d let some of the students who received scholarship funds from last year’s Challenge tell us — in their own words — how their lives have been impacted by our donors’ generosity.

“With this financial aid, I have further motivation to stay strong throughout the entirety of my education until the day I graduate with my bachelor’s degree.”

— Nicole Choi, Undergraduate – Marketing & International Studies

“Your donation is incredibly selfless and kind. I can’t thank you enough for your help and aspire to be in a position like yourself one day.”
– Nolan Binley, Undergraduate –
“I would like to thank you again for the opportunity that you have given me, and I will see to it that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Whether that is excelling in the classroom or leading my team, I can assure you that this scholarship is in good hands!”

— Steven Pawlow, Undergraduate – Operations & Supply Chain

“The donations which you have made allow me to focus additional attention to my studies with a reduced level of stress. I am extremely excited for this fall and to return to my studies in the Finance Major.”

— Angus Young, Undergraduate – Finance

“This scholarship is incredibly important for me, being a first-generation college student, it helps me fulfill my dreams in being the first in the family to graduate with a college degree. This scholarship allows me to be a role model to my younger siblings and gets me one step closer to getting a college degree. Finally, this scholarship gives me the opportunity to earn skills that will help me in the future and allows me to focus more on my education.”
– Hykouhi Ter-Gevorkian, Undergraduate – Finance
“In receiving this scholarship, I will be able to continue to pursue my dreams and advance my academic career. Not only does this scholarship impact my life, but it also impacts the lives of my entire family as we can all celebrate this amazing opportunity.”
-Jacob Hansen, Undergraduate – Finance
“With this stress gone, I’m given the opportunity to study and focus on my future all thanks to you generous donors!!!”
– Sunny Nguyen, Business Scholars – Finance
“I would have never been able to do the things I have done and become the person I have become without the help and support from you.”
– Wendy Yu, First Ascent – Information Systems
“Graduating from the University of Utah and establishing myself in a fulfilling career will make all of my parents sacrifices and efforts worthwhile.”
– Yulisa Padilla, First Ascent – Social Work & Business
“Thank you for the scholarship, the impact you have made on my life will not be forgotten. This particular scholarship being funded by a crowd funding campaign
made up of alumni, students, and staff shows the caliber of the people associated with the University of Utah and I’m both excited and incredibly grateful to be a part
of that community!”
– Christen Shih, MBA & MSIS
“This scholarship is vital in helping me fund my education. By providing this scholarship, you are helping me get around intimidating roadblock of the cost of
– Nathan Suitter, Opportunity Scholars – Business Administration
“Your support has given me the opportunity to dedicate my time to the Sorenson Impact Center, and develop experience to pursue a career ‘Doing good by doing well’.”
– Kevin Huang, Sorenson Impact Center – Ph.D. in Neuroscience

Help us support even more students this year with a donation. It doesn’t matter how much you give for this challenge, only that we increase our donor base. Donate before the challenge ends at 7:57 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 14.

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