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Kathryn Cañas
Professor (Lecturer)
Steve Carson
Chair, David Eccles Faculty Fellow & Professor
Shannon Leanne Charles
Professor (Lecturer)
Promothesh Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
Jeffrey L. Coles
Samuel S. Stewart, Jr. Presidential Chair in Business David Eccles Chair & Professor of Finance
Mike Cooper
Chair, Finance Department; A. Blaine Huntsman Presidential Chair in Finance, Professor; Sam Stewart Presidential Chair; David Eccles Faculty Fellow & Faculty Scholar
Nate Creer
Adjunct Instructor
Mark Crowley
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Jennifer Cummings
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Troy D’Ambrosio
Assistant Dean; Executive Director of Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute; Lassonde Chair in Entrepreneurship
Chris Dansie
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Jeff Davis
Assistant Professor
Flyn Dawson
Associate Professor (Lecturer), Director, Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center and Associate Instructor
Kristina Diekmann
Angus T. Shearer Professor of Ethics & Professor of Management
Paul Dowling
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Robert Dubil
Professor (Lecturer)
Martha Eining
Ken Sorensen/KPMG Professor of Accounting, David Eccles Faculty Scholar
Tom Eldredge
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Kfir Eliaz
Visiting Professor
Atif Ellahie
Assistant Professor of Accounting, H. James Griggs-FIA Fellowship
Josh Feng
Assistant Professor
Alison Flynn-Gaffney
Adjunct Instructor
Tim Fullmer
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Mac Gaulin
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Lindsey Gibson
Associate Professor (Lecturer)
Manu Goyal
David Eccles Associate Professor, Emerging Scholar, & Faculty Fellow
Jesse Graham
George S. Eccles Professor of Business Ethics & Associate Professor
Abbie Griffin
Royal L. Garff Presidential Chair in Marketing; Professor
Chunxia Gu
Visiting Scholar
Tianyu Gu
Assistant Professor
Kathy Hajeb
Associate Professor (Lecturer) & Director