5 Snapchat Hacks

The millennial generation, well lets just say it's the best generation so far, only because we have created Snapchat. If you have a phone, young or old, you probably know how to use Snapchat, or at least know of it. Snapchat is a way of sharing with your friends and family in real time all the fun things of your obviously glamorous life. Snapchat [...]

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3 Quick DIY Fashion Tips

Who doesn’t love a good DIY tip? These quick fashion hacks are sure to save you time, money, and stress! 1. Fix Tight Shoes with These Simple Items What do you get when you mix a blow-dryer, pair of thick socks, and pair of stiff or too small of shoes? COMFORTABLE SHOES! If you want to expedite the break-in process with your next pair [...]

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