The millennial generation, well lets just say it’s the best generation so far, only because we have created Snapchat. If you have a phone, young or old, you probably know how to use Snapchat, or at least know of it. Snapchat is a way of sharing with your friends and family in real time all the fun things of your obviously glamorous life.

Snapchat is changing all the time and there are so many features that everyone discovers everyday, so I thought I would share some of those features.

5 Snapchat Hacks

  1. Use three filters at once. To use three filters at once just hold down one filter and slide to find your second filter and so on.
  2. Change your text to fit your mood. You can change the size, color and orientation of your text. To change the text size just touch the “T” button and use your fingers to expand or reduce the size of the text. To change the color just use your fi