Ten thoughts every Eccles School student has about graduation

It's that time of year that every senior longs for — graduation. It's the final stepping stone to "adulting." It's a confusing mixture of scary and exciting for everyone about to venture out into the real world. With that in mind, we thought we'd share the top 10 thoughts seniors  have about graduation.   Will I actually graduate? Do I want to continue my life as [...]

2017-12-20T10:07:31-07:00April 5th, 2017|

Five lessons you learn coming back from Spring Break 2017

Spring Break is the moment where students can finally relax, take a break and go somewhere warm. During your Spring Break you almost feel invincible, free, adventurous and the experience of traveling with your friends and making lifelong memories. What students forget is that they need to come back to school and finish the semester strong. Here are five lessons we've learned as we're struggling [...]

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