Young Alumni spotlight on Joe Martin of AdobeEditor’s Note: This is an installment in the series called Young Alumni. The series spotlights recently graduated alumni who are starting careers and succeeding in the business world.

Joe Martin is the Digital Index Manager at the Adobe office in Lehi, Utah. Joe attended the David Eccles School of Business for both his undergrad and graduate degrees. He graduated in 2006 with his bachelor’s degree in finance, and soon after graduated in 2010 with his master’s degree in marketing.

Eccles School: Who inspires you?

Martin: My wife inspires me. She has given me the motivation and drive to prove those who said no to me all wrong in my undergrad and graduate programs.

Eccles School: What was your dream career?

Martin: First was to do grad school. The big dream was to work for the big main companies like Disney, Pepsi or Amazon.

Eccles School: How did your Eccles Experience prepare you for the future?

Martin: College is the place to experience and experiment within a safe environment. It is the environment where you can explore and network with students and professors. It is also the place where to learn you must fail in order to succeed. Bounce ideas off your classmates and create a base for your future! That is a true Eccles Experience!

Eccles School: Were you a part of any student organizations?

Martin: Yes, I was apart of several. I was a part of t