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Utah Ethical Leadership Awards announced

Nine businesses, nonprofits and government agencies that embody the spirit of ethical leadership were recognized at the 2020 Utah Ethical Leadership Awards. The awards recognize organizations that embody the spirit of ethical leadership exhibited by Bill Daniels, a pioneer in the modern cable industry and former owner of the Utah Stars. Daniels believed deeply in ethics and integrity, and the importance of absolute ethical [...]

2020-09-18T11:04:39-06:00September 18th, 2020|

Apply now to honor your organization for embracing ethics

The latest Ponzi scheme to strike. Politicians being dishonest about their motivations or voting record. The continued fallout from the housing crisis. There are headlines nearly every day about a company or organization that has made some ethical gaffe that leads to a loss of trust with the public. What the media doesn’t tout are the huge amount of companies, nonprofits and government agencies [...]

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