Nominate a leader for the Utah Ethical Leadership Awards

Do you know of a business, nonprofit or governmental agency that truly embodies ethical leadership?

You should enter them into the Utah Ethical Leadership Awards competition, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Utah, Daniels Fund and the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at the Eccles School.

“Our collective goal is to recognize leadership in Utah businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities that embody best practices in ethical behaviors,” competition leaders said.

Any business, government entity, or nonprofit in those sectors with ethical standards is encouraged to apply by the July 15 deadline. Click here for more information and to apply for the award.

One organization from each sector will be recognized. A specific honor, the Bill Daniels Ethical Leadership Award, will go to the winner of the business category. The three awards will be given at a Sept. 11 awards breakfast, based on the criteria discussed in this questionnaire.

The Utah Ethical Leadership Awards are designed to recognize organizations that embody the spirit of ethical leadership exhibited by Bill Daniels. Bill Daniels believed deeply in ethics and integrity, and in the importance of absolute ethical principles. As an exceptionally honest and fair businessman, he always based his decisions on what he believed was right – not what he thought was best for himself or his company. This attitude and style of conducting business earned Bill Daniels incredible respect and loyalty throughout the business world. Learn more about Bill Daniels and his business and philanthropic role in Utah here.

Nominees for the Utah Ethical Leadership Awards will be judged against the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles in determining the award winner. The Principles are as follows:

1. Integrity – Act with honesty in all situations
2. Trust – Build trust in all stakeholder relationships
3. Accountability – Accept responsibility for all decisions
4. Transparency – Maintain open and truthful communications
5. Fairness – Engage in fair competition and create equitable and just relationships
6. Respect – Honor the rights, freedoms, views and property of others
7. Rule of Law – Comply with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations
8. Viability – Create long-term value for all relevant stakeholders

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